– Client Success –


Today I was at this festival in our hometown and more than one person told me I looked HOT and they were so proud of me for getting healthy. Seriously I was in complete shock. Thanks chic for all of your help! Never thought I’d hear I was HOT again, I thought those days were over! Hot for a 35-year-old mom of 3 anyway!

I am so thankful for you. Two years ago I would’ve never been able to compete and complete things I am doing now! I did the Savage Run in GA this past weekend and I completed 20 of the 25 obstacles. You changed my life for the better and I am more grateful than you know!


I have looked up to you ever since you started training me back a couple years ago…You have always been there to answer any questions, and you have helped me get to where I am today.


…Before your workout program I could do maybe 2 pull-ups and over the summer I did your workouts and came to school and my coach was impressed. I was able to do over 15 on my own without the band. You inspired me!